Strasbourg : the must-see visits

What to do in Strasbourg ? What to see in Strasbourg ? What to visit in Strasbourg?

Colivys answers all of these questions by listing the places not to be missed. Visiting Strasbourg is a must during a stay in the Alsace region. It would be a shame to miss it! The Alsatian capital is full of charm and has a lot to offer to visitors coming to do tourism.

The Grande Île: the historic center of Strasbourg, a UNESCO World Heritage Site

The Grande Île is the ideal place to start your visit. Sometimes called the “island ellipse”, it is the most central and characteristic island of the city of Strasbourg, of which it constitutes the historic center. The International Council on Monuments and Sites also stated that the Grande Île is “an ancient district that is an example of medieval cities”!

You will be able to admire the main monuments for which Strasbourg is famous:

• the famous Notre-Dame de Strasbourg cathedral,
• the 4 churches of medieval period,
• as well as several 18th century hotels and palaces.

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Visit the Notre-Dame Cathedral in Strasbourg

It’s a good thing you’re on the Big Island! With its pink color and its unique tower, the Notre-Dame cathedral is one of a kind! No more excuses not to admire its interior: the entrance is free and it’s worth it! Cultural point: It is a catholic gothic cathedral founded in 1015 on the remains of a previous cathedral. 142 meters high, it was for a long time the highest point in the world, and this for more than 2 centuries between 1647 and 1874! Today it is the highest cathedral in the Grand Est and the second highest in France after Rouen. This is a good opportunity, after your stay in Strasbourg, to visit the city of Rouen. After all, it’s only a 6-hour drive away!
cathedrale de strasbourg

The place Kléber

Still on the big Island of Strasbourg, as this place is inescapable, you will find the big public place: the place Kléber

Entirely pedestrian, it is the favorite place of the gathering of the Strasbourgeois during the big cultural and sporting events.

Culture point: During Christmas time, it is here that you will be able to admire the huge fir tree that we see on all the TV reports about the city.

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The medieval churches

Medieval churches are an integral part of the Alsatian capital’s decor. Don’t miss the following churches:

The Church of Saint Thomas, which houses in its choir a masterpiece of Baroque funerary art: the tomb of the Marshal of Saxony

The Church of St. Peter the Elder, the first great Christian building in Strasbourg

The church of Saint-Pierre-le-jeune, to be seen for its frescoes of the XIVth century

The church of Saint-Etienne, which is classified as a historical monument

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