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Coliving is a new concept that revolutionizes community living. Born in the United States more than 20 years ago, this way of life seduces all those who wish to live in a beautiful and large apartment, while meeting new people and saving money. Coliving simplifies the life of its occupants by allowing them to keep their independence from other tenants. This independence is both physical and financial.

Grenoble is the ideal city for coliving. The city is attracting more and more students who have chosen to settle there for the quality of its higher education. The city is known for Its business and architecture schools. Young professionals are also flocking here for its technological and digital expertise. Grenoble is an exceptional city with a climate as mild as its quality of life. At the foot of the ski trails, Grenoble benefits from an environment that delights those in search of fresh air, nature and urban life, with many squares and shops. Located in the heart of 4 mountain ranges, Grenoble is a city that attracts skiing lovers, but also of wildlife. Coliving is the perfect solution for all newcomers in Grenoble to settle in peacefully!

🏠 Our flats in Grenoble

The attractiveness of Grenoble led Colivys to settle  in the summer of 2022. Four apartments in Grenoble with a total of seventeen bedrooms have been set up to welcome our first tenants. 

Whether you are a student, an employee, an entrepreneur, a French citizen or that you are coming from a foreign country, our coliving apartments are made for you! Affordable, you will not have to pay more than 450€ for a furnished bedroom in a superb apartment. We are providing you with tastefully renovated bedrooms in a residence located in one of the most attractive districts of Grenoble: Chorier-Berriat. Our apartments are rented furnished and equipped, in order to provide you with an accommodation adapted to your needs. Thanks to coliving, there’s no more headache. We wanted to provide you with trendy and neat decorated rooms in which you will feel at home!

✨ The Grenoble experience with Colivys

By choosing to move into one of our apartments in Grenoble, you are choosing serenity. No need to think about additional costs: water, electricity, heating, internet and home insurance. Everything is already included in your rent. You will be physically independent, thanks to your private room. If the configuration of the accommodation allows it, you could also benefit from a private bathroom or a private dressing room. Independence is also financial, because you are not bound to your colivers. The leave of one does not have any financial impact on the others. Moreover, the rental period is more advantageous than any other type of rental, such as apartment sharing or classic rental, because it is more flexible. Choosing coliving means having access to additional services not available in a shared apartment. You will be able to enjoy concierge services, household linen delivery or a shuttle that will pick you up from your arrival place to your coliving apartment. So, what are you waiting for to rent one of our rooms in Grenoble? Discover also: