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Have you ever heard of coliving? This new real estate concept hides an innovative proposal that should please you! Somewhere between a classic shared apartment and a hotel, coliving guarantees a top-of-the-range all-inclusive service with numerous services. With more than 600 furnished and fully equipped rooms throughout France, Colivys is by your side to book your ideal accommodation.

Ideally located in the city center, you will not have to compromise on the location of your accommodation. Thanks to our flexible and entirely digital reservation system, you do not have to spend hours filling in the forms: a few clicks are enough. Reactive, flexible and personalised, coliving is a response to your daily life on the move or to your current situation: students or young professionals. For three months or three years, drop your bags in your new destination and let us take care of the rest6

To who is coliving made for ?

Particularly popular among young people aged between 20 and 35, coliving appeals students as well as young workers, attracted by a dynamic and warm community life. The main advantage of this type of cohabitation is the absence of a rental file. No more hours spent collecting thousands of papers and fearing rejection, you can define all the terms of your rental project in just a few clicks.

A real meeting place, coliving mixes profiles and deeply enriches its tenants. Thus, it perfectly meets the expectations of transitional phases: no constraints and a flexible operation. As a result, the flexibility of this proposal offers several undeniable advantages for working people on a mission for a few months, on an internship or on a work-study programme in major French cities such as Paris, Lyon, Strasbourg, Marseille or Bordeaux…

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The history of coliving

Born in the United States in the 2000s, the concept of coliving is spreading more and more in France. Halfway between a hotel service and a shared apartment, this hybrid model is adapted to the evolution of the younger generations. More and more mobile, they are looking for a complete, digitalized and functional offer that synchronizes with an unpredictable life. 

Modern shared housing concentrates the appeal of sharing and the desire to keep comfort. This trend is in line with similar services such as coworking or carpooling. Seduced by the popularity of these systems, the American giant WeWork, which specializes in shared work spaces, was the first to invest in coliving. The growing demand for coliving is a testament to the success and popularity of this lifestyle. The real estate market provides an additional argument in favour of coliving, since the rise in housing prices has increased the value of fees sharing

With an increase of one million self-employed people in 10 years, France is part of a mobile dynamic. Freelancers, microentrepreneurs, digital nomads and even student entrepreneurs are looking for solutions that combine social life, independence, and freedom. The coliving trend is part of a real social phenomenon that is not about to slow down

All your questions on our flat sharing system

Coliving is the rental of a furnished room with all-inclusive services that guarantees the comfort of a hotel, without the loneliness that comes with it. With shared spaces, you’ll quickly bond wherever you are. Plus, the flexible booking system leaves you free to move around.
At Colivys, we offer you an individual sublease contract. This means that the tenants can share the responsibility in the event of non-payment or damage, which is not the case with a joint contract.
Booking a room in coliving is easy. Select the dates you want, choose a room in your city of arrival, fill in your personal details, make the payment and you’re done! All you have to do is drop off your bags.
Coliving offers more space than a furnished studio and additional services compared to a shared apartment for excellent value for money. The flexibility of the tenancy and the fair distribution of rental charges make it a cost-effective proposition.
We offer a tailor-made service that includes communication with a city manager throughout your stay. Whatever your problem, we will help you solve it.

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