The rent

The payment of the rent is due between the 1st and 5th of each month.

No, you have to pay your rent monthly.

You have two possibilities to pay your rent, first it can be directly withdrawn from your bank account, or you can set-up a monthly bank transfer.

The payment methods allow a direct currency conversion. Be aware that according to the conversion rate, the amount is likely to change.

The rent is calculated from the rent reference Index and this one change each year, meaning that your rent may change after one year.

The rent includes an allowance on the following charges: electricity, water, heating, internet and house insurance.
If the amount calculated is not the same as the amount consumed, an adjustment will be made at the end of your stay.

Yes, the room allows to submit to the APL.

The booking process

The booking process is very fast and easy, you can do everything online. You just have, according to your wished dates, to select a room. Then, you confirm and enter
all your personal information and documents. To finalize you will have to pay one of our services formulas.

For us to be able to edit your lease agreement, we need the following document about you: an identification document, a work contract and salary slip or a school certificate (according to your situation), your bank account details document (IBAN and BIC for the automatic rent withdraw). If you need a guarantor, we will need its identification documents, work contract, salary slip, bank account details document (IBAN and BIC). We will also need its email address, postal address and telephone number.

The contracts are established with a start date and an end date. However, this end date remains flexible, it can be shortened by giving one month’s notice, or lengthened by an extension amendment.

The cancellation policy depends on which services formula you choose. If you choose the Standard one, it is not refunded. With the Premium one, 75% is refunded up to 1
month before the check-In. And with the All-Inclusive formula, 85% is refunded up to 10 days before the check-in.

A guarantor is mandatory if you are a student with no income ; it may also be required if your income is not sufficient.

We propose an individual rental contract. Compared to the common contract, this allows the tenants not to share the responsibility in case of unpaid rent or damage.
Nous proposons un contrat de location individuel. Contrairement au contrat solidaire, cela permet aux locataires de ne pas partager la responsabilité en cas d’impayés ou de dégradations

The apartment

We don’t accept any animals in our apartments.

No, but the roommates are allocated to the apartments according to their profiles in order to maximize the opportunities for a good match.

No, we are proposing gender-mixed apartment.

Under some conditions it is possible. The room needs to be available, the renter needs to accept a potential rent change, and we will charge a check-out and check-in.

I you lose one of you key we will retain the key value from your deposit. The value of the key is indicated on the check-in.

Being two in the same room is possible but for this you must subscribe to the duo option. 

If you still need some informations, please contact us !

For customer service questions, write to us at [email protected]

For financial service questions (rent, deposit…), please write to [email protected]