The rent

The payment of the rent is due between the 1st and 5th of each month.

No, you have to pay your rent monthly.

You have two possibilities to pay your rent, first it can be directly withdrawn from your bank account, or you can set-up a monthly bank transfer.

The payment methods allow a direct currency conversion. Be aware that according to the conversion rate, the amount is likely to change.

The rent is calculated from the rent reference Index and this one change each year, meaning that your rent may change after one year.

The rent includes an allowance on the following charges: electricity, water, heating, internet and house insurance.
If the amount calculated is not the same as the amount consumed, an adjustment will be made at the end of your stay.

Yes, the room allows to submit to the APL.

All our rents are expressed as “rent, charges included”. This includes recoverable rental charges and those related to energy consumption (water, electricity, gas). These charges are a provision in proportion to what has been established for the year. Find more details on this topic in our dedicated article.

The booking process

Booking a room with Colivys couldn’t be easier. Everything is done online. First, you need to indicate the city and the desired dates of your stay, select a room, confirm and provide your personal information. Then you will need to choose one of our service packages, depending on what you need.

To put together your rental file, we need the following documents from you:

  • identity document,
  • work contract,
  • pay slip or school certificate,
  • your RIB (for direct debit).

Need a guarantor? You just have to send us their identity document, work contract, pay slip, RIB, as well as their email address, postal address and telephone number.

For us to be able to edit your lease agreement, we need the following document about you: an identification document, a work contract and salary slip or a school certificate (according to your situation), your bank account details document (IBAN and BIC for the automatic rent withdraw). If you need a guarantor, we will need its identification documents, work contract, salary slip, bank account details document (IBAN and BIC). We will also need its email address, postal address and telephone number.

The contracts are established with a start date and an end date. However, this end date remains flexible, it can be shortened by giving one month’s notice, or lengthened by an extension amendment.

The cancellation policy depends on the service package chosen when booking your room. If you choose the Essential package, no refund is given. With the Premium package, 75% is refunded up to 1 month before the inventory check-in. And with the All-Inclusive package, 85% is refunded up to 10 days before the inventory check-in. Please don’t hesitate to contact us for more information.

A guarantor is mandatory if you are a student with no income ; it may also be required if your income is not sufficient.

We propose an individual rental contract. Compared to the common contract, this allows the tenants not to share the responsibility in case of unpaid rent or damage.
Nous proposons un contrat de location individuel. Contrairement au contrat solidaire, cela permet aux locataires de ne pas partager la responsabilité en cas d’impayés ou de dégradations

We have created several service packages to meet your needs. These are payable and additional services can be added. They include, among other things, a set of bed linen, a set of bath towels, a gourmet basket on your arrival, administrative assistance, or cleaning. These services are offered in 3 packages with, of course, the possibility to add various options depending on your needs. Don’t hesitate to check the prices and details of each package during the booking process for your future room.

As a subtenant, you are automatically covered by the home insurance included in the total amount of your rent with charges. However, you are required to present us with a certificate of insurance covering your private Civil Liability within 7 working days following the start of the lease.

The housing / council tax is a tax to be paid by the inhabitants of a dwelling who were residents as of January 1st of the tax year. Therefore, this cannot be paid by Colivys but by all the colivers. Only one is issued per dwelling. It is up to you to distribute it fairly among your roommates. It was created to finance the community of the municlipality you live in, and varies according to several criteria: your city, the size of the dwelling you occupy, your personal situation, and also the date you entered your coliving. Therefore, the housing tax is not included in the total rent amount.

You will be required to pay the booking fees (you can choose 1 among our 3 booking packages). Prices vary depending on the package and the city chosen. Before moving in, you will also have to pay the security deposit, which is equivalent to one month’s rent. Finally, a guarantee equal to one month’s rent will be required.

We provide virtual tours and numerous photos on the page of the room you are viewing. Some rooms even have 3D floor plans. As for physical visits, these can be arranged under certain conditions, so as not to disturb the peace of our tenants.

Our room availability changes very quickly, and we will be delighted to provide you with timely information. Please feel free to contact us at [email protected], providing as much detail as possible about your stay, its duration, and your various search criteria.

To make it easier for both our colivers and our employees, we have established specific time slots. Regular check-ins and check-outs take place from Monday to Friday, from 9 am to 6 pm. Depending on the service package chosen, these hours can be extended until 10 pm on weekdays, and between 9 am and 10 am and 5 pm and 8 pm on weekends. It is also possible to do them outside of these hours for an additional fee.

The apartment

Dogs, cats, turtles, goldfish,… Even though we love these little creatures, we unfortunately do not allow them in our apartments.

No, but the roommates are allocated to the apartments according to their profiles in order to maximize the opportunities for a good match.

No, we are proposing gender-mixed apartment.

Under some conditions it is possible. The room needs to be available, the renter needs to accept a potential rent change, and we will charge a check-out and check-in.

I you lose one of you key we will retain the key value from your deposit. The value of the key is indicated on the check-in.

It is entirely possible for two people to occupy the same room. In order to make the co-living situation fair, you just have to choose the duo option when booking. This option increases the rent by 20% in order to balance the costs used by the second person.

We are committed to respecting the privacy and independence of each of our tenants within our coliving spaces. That’s why each room is equipped with its own lock and key. The key is unique and is the responsibility of the individual coliver. Some of our rooms may be equipped with smart locks to ensure that none of the other tenants can access your room in your absence.

Of course, you are welcome to bring your personal decorative items to customize your room to your liking. However, you cannot alter the rented premises and their equipment without written consent from the main tenant. In case of unauthorized alteration, you will be required to restore the premises and equipment at your own expense.

The cleaning service is an optional and paid service. It includes cleaning of private areas as well as ironing, at a cost of €19/hour. However, cleaning of the shared areas is to be done by all the tenants. Upon your departure from the apartment, cleaning is mandatory. If this is not carried out, a flat rate for the cleaning time spent will be deducted from your security deposit. 

Dinners and parties with friends are allowed. However, to maintain good harmony in your accommodation, you must inform your roommates. Whether among friends or roommates, of course, make sure to gather while respecting your neighbors. 

At Colivys, the rules of co-living are very strict on this point. Unfortunately, as a sub-tenant, you cannot carry out a commercial, industrial or craft activity. You are also not allowed to practice a liberal profession within the apartment.

As a sub-tenant, the Colivys regulations allow you to host one person (spouse, parents, sibling, friend). To ensure the well-being of your roommates, notify them in advance. This practice should of course remain occasional and exceptional.

For questions related to a problem encountered within your shared accommodation (breakdown, defective item, etc.), write to us at [email protected]. For questions related to invoices, your rent, your deposit, write to us at [email protected]. For any other request, write to us at [email protected] or contact us by phone at +33 1 78 76 16 72.

Of course, this is a situation that we do not wish to see in our colivings. We are all human and disputes with your roommates can occur. Do not wait for the situation to get worse and contact customer service at [email protected] or one of the members of the Colivys team, clearly detailing the subject of this conflict. This way, we can guide you and resolve this conflict as best as possible.

If the final inspection is satisfactory and nothing has been damaged during your stay, we will proceed with your refund within a maximum of 60 days. No security deposit will be returned before your move-out, the final inspection, the execution of any potential tenant repairs, and the return of the keys.

Life is full of unexpected events, and you can certainly leave your room and rent another one, even if you’re still within the period specified in your lease. Contact [email protected] and we will be more than happy to assist you in this process.

No need to panic, just notify us and we will take care of making new keys. However, please note that as the keys are your responsibility, we will deduct their cost from your deposit. This cost is communicated to you during the entry inspection.

At Colivys, rent is paid on a monthly basis. We accept payments in cash, by bank transfer, or by direct debit.


As its name suggests, coliving refers to the concept of living together, with multiple individuals in the same accommodation. This lifestyle, which was originally born in the United States, brings together people from different backgrounds, statuses, and walks of life, typically professionals, students, or entrepreneurs. At Colivys, our tenants (whom we refer to as “colivers”) live together in shared spaces, consisting at a minimum of a kitchen and a bathroom, while maintaining their privacy and independence. Depending on our coliving locations, our colivers may have access to a gym, a cinema room, a rooftop, or even a garden. We also offer booking formulas to best meet your needs and accompany you throughout your stay. The goal of coliving is also to create connections among the occupants of the dwelling. That’s why we regularly organize afterwork events and activities to ensure that our tenants meet and get to know each other. This is how the Colivys community is formed.

Coliving and flatsharing are similar ways of living. However, several key points differ. Indeed, coliving provides much more freedom to the occupants of the dwelling, both physically and administratively. They benefit from private spaces, often consisting of a bedroom (or a studio when possible), and common areas conducive to exchanges. Moreover, unlike in flatsharing, colivers mostly do not know each other before moving into the same dwelling. As colivers, you are not jointly responsible if one of the occupants of your dwelling leaves. Finally, one of the distinguishing aspects of coliving is that it can also offer additional services to its occupants: concierge service, gym, cleaning, etc.

Before Colivys, there was My Red Blanket. We chose this name in order to roll out the red carpet (or blanket) for all our tenants. As time passed, coliving became more and more prominent in France, and it was exactly the service we were offering. That’s when the name “Colivys” seemed like an obvious choice to us.

We are present in more than 8 major cities in France (Paris, Nantes, Bordeaux, Toulouse, Marseille, Lyon, Grenoble, Lille and Strasbourg) and their surrounding areas. Our apartments are mostly located in city centers and near public transport networks, in order to make life and commuting easier for our colivers. We will soon be arriving in new cities, so stay tuned!

The Colivys adventure was created in January 2017 and isn’t ready to stop. We have evolved enormously since then, and we have managed to expand into more than a dozen major metropolises in France.

We are delighted that coliving and Colivys has piqued your interest. We are looking for apartments or houses with a minimum area of 70m², located in developing cities or near major metropolises. If your property meets these criteria, we invite you to send us as much information as possible about it through our dedicated form.

If you still need some informations, please contact us !

For customer service questions, write to us at [email protected]

For financial service questions (rent, deposit…), please write to [email protected]