In'li partnership

In 2018, In’li, Action Logement decided to structure and develop an intermediate rental offer for companies and their employees to promote access to housing in tense areas.

We share a common objective with In’li: to offer the generation of digital nomads a wide range of intermediate housing in coliving. Indeed, by specifically targeting, through a flexible rental offer accompanied by services, in a value-bearing philosophy, the expectations of a generation in search of a housing solution that resembles them and at prices 15 to 20% lower than those of the private sector.

To this point, the In’li x Colivys partnership covers the Paris region and the Lyon area.

The In'li vision


What attracted you to the Colivys project?

We chose to select startups with projects that meet current needs. Colivys has perfectly understood the growing demand of young workers for professional mobility. For our part, we are targeting the same population, which is confronted with the problem of access to housing in the private sector (high rents, cramped spaces). Intermediate housing meets the needs of this target group with rents that are 15 to 20% lower than those of the private sector, and we are developing our portfolio close to transportation in order to bring housing closer to the workplace. With Colivys, we immediately saw the advantages of bringing these two together. Coliving with services allows us to meet the needs of young people just starting out in their careers and for in’li to house this population where the need is greatest.

How does the collaboration between a structure such as in’li and a start-up work?

It’s a win-win relationship that we have put in place. Through in’li Lab, Colivys receives support from our business experts according to their needs, and can test its solution on in’li’s assets, in exchange for which Colivys has committed to adapting its product to the specific needs of intermediary housing, renting in’li housing and housing employees of contributing companies. Thus, as of January 2019, four large in’li apartments located in Rueil-Malmaison were transformed into coliving spaces with immediate rental success.

Through in’li Lab, what impact do you expect to have on the development of Colivys?

In the in’li Lab programme, each incubated startup receives personalized support corresponding to its development needs. When Colivys joined us, the startup was already strong and was already working with several real estate companies. Their focus was on the rapid development of its offering. In six months, in’li Lab enabled Colivys to validate its business model, adjust its product its product to the needs of the landlords and to rapidly increase its quickly.

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