The 5 pizzerias you should not miss in Paris

“L’odore dal forno, il colore dei pomodori, il croccante”… Yes, at Colivys, we are also fans of artisanal pizzas. That’s why we decided to mobilize our whole team to present you our Top Five of the best addresses in Paris for a good pizza…

5° – Bijou, 10 rue Dancourt, Paris 18e.

This new restaurant, orchestrated by the Neapolitan Pizzaïolo Gennaro Nasti, is already making news on the side of Montmartre. Indeed, all the capital rushes in this new pizzeria which brings a brand new concept: to raise the Neapolitan pizza to the rank of gourmet dish.

You will be able to taste only five pizzas elaborated with fresh products coming from all over from all over Italy: two permanent recipes and three that change every week. We advise you to make a reservation before going there, at the risk of waiting for a long time.
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4° – Faggio, 72 rue de Rochechouart, Paris 9e.

Clearly the best pizza in Pigalle. In a very festive district and appreciated by the young
Parisians, Fabien Lombardi’s pizza doesn’t leave anyone hungry.
In this restaurant, you will find an ultra-cool atmosphere, a no-frills service, and a succulent pizza that will allow you to pass the time
that will allow you to spend a memorable evening.
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3° – Libertino, 44 rue de Paradis, Paris 10e.

Libertino, the eleventh restaurant opened by the Big Mamma group in the 10th arrondissement of Paris.
Directed by the chef Filippo, you will appreciate the indisputable quality of the products “made in Roma” in a rather new setting since it is a former shoe manufacturing workshop.
This new trattoria, located in the district of Faubourg Saint-Denis, offers Roman pizzas made in the rules of the art: a 40 cm diameter.
You’ll have to come early enough to escape the endless queue of its faithful lovers.

2° – Pizzeria Popolare, 111 rue Réaumur, Paris 2e.

An authentic Neapolitan margherita for 5€? Is this possible in the heart of Paris?
Well yes, the famous Popolare pizzeria of the Big Mamma group has done it,
nevertheless, you’ll have to be very patient in front of the dizzying line that stretches out on the sidewalk of the rue
Réaumur. Pizzas cooked over a wood fire with ingredients from the Vesuvius region: Mozzarella, Fior Di Latte, pure Basil, San Marzo tomatoes, but also a selection of tasty
wines of Italy.

1° – Il brigante, 14 rue du Ruisseau, Paris 18e.

One could wait for hours to taste this famous Calabrian pizza. Never empty, this
restaurant will transport you for a moment in Italy, and more precisely in the region of Calabria.
A tip: go early, you won’t be disappointed.