Roommate: definitions and information

Living with roommates is attracting more and more people. But do you really know what it means? Do you know your rights as a roommate? We will explain it to you!

A roommate is the tenant of an apartment or a house that he will share with several people. To be considered as roommates, the occupants of the apartment must not be related to the owner’s family. However, they can be related to each other: brother, sister, grandparents, friends, … A family cannot be considered as a roommate. There is also a difference in size for people in a relationship, not bound by a contract of marriage or pacs. If this is your case, you cannot be considered as roommates but as people in “cohabitation”.

For the good of the shared accommodation, the roommate must respect some rules of life like paying his/her rent and his/her utilities on time, or respecting the rules of the co-ownership and the life with roommates. On the financial level, just like a classic rental, the roommates can also receive state aid, such as the APL.

So, are you still ready to become a roommate ? Find our FAQ below to learn more about roommates and roommates.

How do you define a shared accommodation?

A shared accommodation is above all a community. A shared dwelling in which different occupants live, some of whom know each other, others of whom do not. The law recognizes that they must be in solidarity with each other in terms of finances. If one of them leaves the accommodation, the remaining roommates share equally the amount of rent to be paid.

How do I start a life with roommates?

To start a life with roommates, there’s nothing easier! You just have to go on specialized websites or social networks to find your future cozy nest (and your future roommates). We advise you to meet them or to exchange beforehand to make sure of your compatibility.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of living with a roommate?

Before starting living with roommates, you should consider what to expect. Are you ready to have fun evenings with your roommates, prepare meals for the whole house, think about the chores, and that your roommates can become your friends? Go for it!

What type of lease for shared housing?

There are several ways to formulate a lease in a roommate apartment: a single lease for all the roommates, individual leases or sublease contracts. Go to our detailed article to learn more.

How can I dissociate myself from a shared lease?

You wish to dissociate yourself from your roommates in case one of them leaves ? Choose the individual lease or the main tenant/subtenant lease for more peace of mind.