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The best Parisian gyms

Article updated on March 4, 2024

Because health is wealth, we haven’t forgotten about you! After a day at university or work, it’s crucial to take some time for yourself and relax. What better way to change up your daily routine of sitting in front of the TV or slouching in bed than with some exercise? At Colivys, we’re all about fitness. We love discipline, so we’ve handpicked our top 5 favorite gyms for you. The best in Paris, catering to all budgets. Whether it’s yoga, weightlifting, or cardio, fitness sessions, group classes with certified coaches, cycling, an intimate setting, or a vibrant atmosphere, the capital and the Ile-de-France region offer a complete range of sports clubs. With these addresses, you’ll have no more excuses for not stepping foot in a gym. Follow us to find the coaching and sports experience that best suits you 🏋️

Hop on your bike at Dynamo Cycling!

If you love to work out intensely in less than an hour, head to Dynamo Cycling. A 45-minute indoor cycling session under dim lights, set to music, promises a true moment of disconnection. Each session is led by a dynamic coach, helping you benefit your body with a combination of cardio, cycling, and dumbbells. Yes, at Dynamo, you cycle with dumbbells. Your first session might be challenging, but it gets better the more you do it. You can even choose from different session types based on your level. At Dynamo, there’s a before and after each session. You’ll have your own towel and a secure locker in the changing rooms. They also provide showers (yes, that’s important), hair dryers, and toiletries! Yes, you’ll be pampered.

Indicative Prices: €95 for a 5-session student package valid for 3 months, €260 for a 10-session package valid for 6 months

Studio Locations: Paris, Boulogne-Billancourt, Puteaux (La Défense)


Fitness with Neoness

Prefer fitness? We’ve got the perfect gym for you. Neoness features spaces over 1,000 m² dedicated to fitness. From weight training, fitness, cardio, to stretching, and even boxing, they offer a complete workout journey to optimize your sessions. Whether alone or in a group, you can also join physical group classes. Can’t make it in person? No worries, these videos are also available online. That’s the strength of Neoness.

They offer two subscription plans, Prime and Premium, as well as a non-commitment plan at €0. Another advantage is the price: the commitment offers are free for the first two periods! This allows you to train under the best conditions.

Indicative Prices: From €0 to €34.99 for 4 weeks

Gym Locations: Paris, Puteaux (La Défense), Ivry sur Seine, Le Kremlin-Bicêtre


Athlete training with EPISOD

If you’re looking for a true experience beyond just training, come to EPISOD. At EPISOD, you’ll step into the shoes of a high-level athlete for workouts that combine well-being and physical fitness. Bootcamp (HIIT), cycling, yoga, and pilates: this unique place offers 8 different sports practices at varying intensities.

Their studios are hidden throughout Paris and the Ile-de-France region, each focusing on specific practices. With its dim ambiance, state-of-the-art equipment, and dedicated coaches, we’re sure you’ll quickly get your subscription‘s worth because you’ll become addicted. You’ll easily find the right gym for you, near your home or workplace.

Indicative Prices: €39.5 for 2 sports sessions valid for 15 days, €570 for 30 sports sessions valid for 1 year

Locations: Paris, Levallois-Perret


Guaranteed well-being at Slowe Studio

This time, head to the 10th arrondissement of Paris. Welcome to Slowe Studio, which, as the name suggests, focuses on gentleness. Here, sport is combined with other sources of happiness. You’ll have access to two light-filled sports studios, HIIT and FLOW, for practicing yoga, meditation, and pilates. Calm exercises that are just as effective as a weightlifting session, which you can try in small groups of about ten people. This unique place also hides a coffee shop, perfect for working and enjoying a hot drink before or after your session, and a soft medicine area. Five therapists are available for nutritional consultations, astrotherapy, or to try one of the many massage offers available. A top-notch facility for rejuvenating yourself.

Indicative Prices: €49 for 3 sessions valid for 1 month, €540 for 30 sessions valid for 1 year

Location: 10 Rue d’Enghien, 75010 Paris


The well-known Fitness Park

Chances are you’re already familiar with Fitness Park, or have one nearby. It’s the trendy gym that’s been everywhere in recent years. Fitness Park features gyms with dedicated spaces over 1,000 m². From weightlifting, crossfit, to cardio training, each large area includes all the necessary machines and equipment for you to engage in your favorite activity under the best conditions. Some gyms also offer group classes in person or virtually.

Fitness Park lives up to its reputation: a gym accessible to everyone, almost low-cost. Forget the little touches in the changing rooms or even a sauna: you’ll get the basics (secure lockers and showers). But who needs frills to go all out and build muscle during their workouts?

Indicative Prices: 3 commitment plans ranging from €30 to €50, 3 non-commitment plans from €40 to €66 for 4 weeks

Locations: Paris, Bagneux, Nanterre, Le Kremlin-Bicêtre, Saint-Denis


Snake & Twist

For yoga and pilates enthusiasts, we’ve got just the place for you! Snake & Twist features 3 dedicated studios opened in Paris. Focused on endurance, your pilates sessions will be vigorous and dynamic, thanks to the latest “Lagree” trend, named after its inventor. A technique using machines to enhance movements and make room for joy and dance-inspiring music. At Snake & Twist, you’ll have the spirit of a snake. You’ll need to “fight against the machines” to work all your muscles. 50 minutes of training during which your body and mind will go all out. 2 studios are dedicated to the Lagree method, and 1 other to Pilates and Yoga. The advantage of these places is their schedule: classes run from 6 AM to 10 PM. This allows you to find the most suitable slot for your day.

Indicative Prices: €30 for a yoga session, €50 for a megatransformer class

Studio Locations: 53 Rue Rodier, 75009 Paris | 59 Rue Saint Didier and 66 bis Rue St. Didier, 75016 Paris


Luxury fitness at L’Usine Sport Club

For our last favorite gym, we present L’Usine. You’ve probably seen it on social media and Instagram. It’s arguably the best place to train. If you’re looking for a modern, luxurious gym, this is the place to go. They are set in exceptional locations (former oil mill and historic buildings), and the services offered by L’Usine are equally high-quality. Cycling, weightlifting, boxing, yoga, large group class rooms, or stretching: you’ll find the activity you need, led by exceptional coaches ready to meet your every need. If desired, you can even have the services of a private coach. Not bad, right? Here, there are no doors; spaces are spacious and open. A bonus: each changing room is equipped with a steam room and sauna, and you have access to the U’bar, to revitalize yourself with fresh juices. A great motivation to exercise and rejuvenate after your session.

Indicative Prices: Starting at €800 per quarter

Gym Locations: 8 Rue de la Michodière, 75002 Paris | 1 Cour du Havre, 75008 Paris | 16, 20 Rue Quincampoix, 75004 Paris


There you have it, we’ve shared some great spots to clear your mind and sculpt your body as you wish! We hope you’ll try out one of these gyms 😉

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