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Our tips for organizing your move to the city!

You’d think that moving to a new city would be easy, but between the packing and getting used to the new environment, it’s far from it. Today Colivys gives you its top 5 tips to make your move as exciting as possible.

📦 Organize your moving

The big day is coming! Time for you to pack all the things you will take with you to your new flat. Gather all the essentials (clothes, accessories, utensils, etc.) that will be useful to you. Don’t forget to label your boxes or suitcases to make it easier to find them.

🚗 Plan your transport

Depending on the distance between your place of residence and your new home, arrange for a car or van to help you move. If you can, also ask your friends and family for help. Relatives, friends, colleagues – they can all lend a hand!

🚶 Explore your new neighbourhood

There is nothing like wandering around your neighbourhood to familiarise yourself with the new environment that will be yours for several months. This is also the best way to discover supermarkets, grocery shops, butchers, shops, florists, small businesses, etc.

🚇 Test your daily route

Take the time to find out about the different public transport options in your area and city. Test your future home/work or home/school route.

👋 Say hello to your neighbours

Last but not least, don’t forget to meet your neighbours! If you have any problems, you can help each other out. This is also a great way to start building relationships when you arrive in an unfamiliar place.
So, we’ve given you our main tips to make your first few days more pleasant and help you move in. Whether in Paris, Marseille, Strasbourg, Nantes, Grenoble or elsewhere, we’ll see you soon at Colivys!