How to find flatmates? Find out our tips!

This is it! You have decided to push the doors of a flat share! However, despite all your good will, you will have to go through the stage of looking for flatmates before setting down. And yes, before moving in, you need to know who you will be sharing your future home with. So, how do you find the rare gem? Even if there is no definite answer, we think that coliving could meet all your expectations.

Flat Sharing is open to all 20-35 year olds

Loneliness in a private apartment can quickly become restrictive. When you move to a new city, we often want to share our daily life and our rent, especially when we are between 20 and 35 years old! Sharing a flat is a great way to rent a spacious space and meet new people quickly. In addition to an affordable price, this way of life values conviviality, sharing and offers many services.

However, the search for roommates requires patience: ads are multiplying in big cities like Paris, Lyon, Bordeaux or Marseille and they can quickly be taken by storm. In addition to this fierce competition, the preparation of files and the rigidity of a rental lease rarely suit the desire of flexibility of young working people or mobile students. It is sometimes impossible to find an apartment in a city near the university, the school or the metro station you want.

Discover the concept of coliving

Halfway between an AirBnb and a classic flat-share, coliving brings some fresh air into the real estate area. Its aim is simple: adapt to mobilities by offering a flexible and affordable all-inclusive service. You will quickly find a furnished and equipped room in the city of your choice for a price below the average rental market. Thus, coliving combines high-end services, private accommodation, meetings and common spaces in a one and only offer.

Do not compromise yourself. Just enjoy what a flat-sharing has to offer without the pressure of the maintenance charges. Moreover, you have the freedom to leave whenever you want. This is the best way for you not to spend hours and hours to go through several looking for roommates advertisements. You will find your dream flat in only a few clicks. Discover the concept of coliving now and let yourself be charmed by our multiples room offers all over France.

Follow the flat sharing rules

Flat sharing forces roommates to live in a community, and so, to adapt its own speed to everyone’s. Besides looking for the harmony between everyone’s habits, the roommates search must emphasize a perfect agreement on housework and expenses sharing. It is quite clear that this last point can be a conflictual aspect sometimes hard to solve.

To avoid moving in after an unpleasant surprise, coliving offers an all-in-one price including the distribution of current charges: water, electricity, gas, internet and home insurance. You can add to it additional services such as cleaning or ironing. This way, you remove the practical disagreements from your roommates search and only keep the best part of it! You will also meet people who have come from all over the world to work or study in France.

Find your apartment in 5 minutes on Colivys

The search for roommates can take weeks or even months. Between replying to online ads, organizing visits of the apartment and establishing the lease, you often lose precious time. Instead of spending your energy on this time-consuming task, we suggest you book your furnished room with Colivys now.

To ensure you find the perfect match, we assign roommates according to their profile. At Colivys, we include on the room page you are currently browsing, the age, gender and occupation of the roommates who are already living in the apartment. This way, you will be almost sure to get along well with them. In addition to the functional accommodations and customized services, we also organize events to encourage meetings and exchanges between the colivers. So you won’t have to wait months to feel at home: you will become familiar with your surroundings as soon as you arrive inside.

Coliving is the perfect solution when the search for roommates becomes exhausting. With just a few clicks, we provide you a customized offer and assist you if needed.