10 best gifts to give to your roommate

Giving a gift to your roommates can be very tricky. Even if you have been living under the same roof for several months and a friendship has started to develop, you may not know what to get them for their birthday, Christmas or just to make them happy.

We give you our 10 best (and funniest) gift ideas that your roommates will love, for sure :

#1 : Earplugs

In order that your favorite roommate can sleep peacefully at night, and not have to hear other roommates’ snoring, you can easily consider getting him some earplugs. For more fun, pick up this anti-snoring kit (watch out for whoever gets the boxing glove hit).

#2 : The complete Friends collection

Mythical tv-show about flatsharing, there is no better gift than this one. And if by chance your amazing roommates (with whom you have become friends) have never watched a single episode of the show, this is the opportunity to introduce them to Joey, Ross, Phoebe, Chandler and Monica!

#3 : The complete New Girl collection

Another must-see tv show about living in a community, we named New Girl. Meet Jess, the only woman in an all-male house-share, and follow their adventures as lonely souls. A comic series to watch without counter-argument.

#4: A video projector

We agree that you are not going to watch thee masterpieces that are Friends and New Girl on the small screen, aren’t you? So get out your video projector, popcorns and get ready, you and your roommates, to live your best nights!

#5 : The Werewolf Game

A must for parties, you will quickly become addicted. If you have never played it before, the aim of this game is simple: the villagers present have to discover who the werewolves are. Surrounded by a little girl and a witch, they must guide them on the right path without being unmasked.

#6 : Tidying up for dummies

Does your roommate have a hard time cleaning up after eating, cleaning up when it’s his/her turn? Maybe (s)he needs help. Thanks to this guide, (s)he will turn into a real king/queen of the house. Your roommate will thank you.

#7 : Waterproof memos

You forgot to buy tomatoes for tonight’s dinner. You are out of toilet paper. Your favorite roommate has a thousand ideas per minute. (S)He writes them on the walls, and you want it to stop? Do you just want to tell your roommates that you love them (and vice versa)? Nothing better than these waterproof memos to write down everything that comes to mind, even in the shower.

#8 : A yoga kit

You noticed that one of your roommates is stressed out? Give them this beautiful yoga kit. There’s nothing like it to unwind after a busy day of studying or working (or a fight in the roommate).

#9 : A board to fold clothes

With this great gift, there is no excuse for you to have unkempt closets and dressing rooms overflowing with untidy clothes. This folding board will help the one who receives it to become another person.

#10 : Personalized beer mug

Every apartment has its beer drinkers. So, what could be better than to offer a personalized beer mug? You could write the text and print the picture that you want on it, so that your roommate will have a long lasting memory of your stay under the same roof.
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