How to choose your neighborhood in Grenoble ?


Grenoble is the third-largest city in the Rhône-Alpes region and the capital of the Isère department. People come to Grenoble to enjoy its quality of life, but mainly to study. EM Grenoble is one of the most renowned business schools in France. If you come to study here, make sure you live in a nearby neighborhood like Chorier-Berriat, which is quiet and residential. You can also choose to live in the city center. Very well served by public transportation, getting from one end of Grenoble and its agglomeration to the other will be a breeze.


Grenoble is renowned to be the greenest city in France. Full of charm, it is focused on environment, ecology is its watchword, as evidenced by the actions put in place. A multitude of infrastructures have been developed, and bicycle paths have grown like mushrooms, crossing the city from one side to the other. If you are one of those who love nature, you will not be able to do without it, and you will even think of going to the mountains with it! Yes, Grenoble is surrounded by mountains. The city even hosted the Winter Olympics in 1968. Unique and preserved places which make all its beauty.


For all these reasons, the real estate market in Grenoble has seen its prices rise to nearly 9% in 2022. It has therefore become difficult for real estate agencies and individuals to sell, buy, and rent in the Grenoble area, whether for several years or just a few months. This is why a new way of living has appeared: coliving. The solution to settle permanently in the most beautiful areas of Grenoble.

Grenoble’s best districts

Grenoble has just over twenty neighborhoods, each one more unique than the next. When you come to a city that you don’t know yet, it’s hard to find the neighborhood and the area that will suit you the best. That’s why we have selected our 5 favorite neighborhoods in Grenoble:

Europole - Grenoble’s business district

Europole is a mixed-use neighborhood par excellence. High-end housing and recent offices coexist to make it one of the most sought-after neighborhoods for a wealthy target. If you are an intern, a student on a work-study program or a young worker, you may work in Europole. The district is home to major monuments such as the new Grenoble courthouse. If you are a business professional, you may work in the World Trade Center, a huge building where the Grenoble Chamber of Commerce and Industry is located. The Grenoble School of Management and Business (EM Business) is also based in this area. A godsend if you are doing a work-study program or an internship because some large companies are located here. 

The other area, more residential, is located in the north of the new Palais de Justice. Modern and recent, many of these buildings have a breathtaking view over the Isère river. A stark contrast to the dynamism of the business center. Located in the most ecological city in France, you will also find a huge bicycle parking lot, perfect for making sports part of your daily routine.

Chorier-Berriat - The most sought-after district

Located west of Grenoble and south of the Europole district, the Chorier-Berriat district, also known as “Berriat-Saint-Bruno”, attracts all types of profiles, from families to students. Whether you are a young worker or that you recently have graduated, you will find what you are looking for there. Popular and trendy, this former working-class neighborhood has the luxury of being close to the city center and of having a rich student life. It has several assets, especially the one of being close to all sources of attraction, whether for work or for going out. It also has all the amenities nearby, as well as a prime location near public transportation, such as the tramway and the Grenoble train station. A quiet and friendly neighborhood, it is one of the most sought-after in the Grenoble area. It is a dynamic one and very popular with students, who find a certain serenity there, so it is not surprising that we chose to set up our rooms for rent in beautiful coliving apartments at affordable prices. If you choose to live in the Chorier-Berriat district, you won’t regret it.

Saint-Laurent - The italian district

You are looking for a change of scenery while staying in Grenoble, aren’t you? Then we invite you to discover this great neighborhood. Under its village image, it is also nicknamed “the small Corato” from the Italian city of the same name, where the majority of the inhabitants would originally come from, the center of this district gives the tone. It is at the foot of the military fort of the Bastille that this timeless neighborhood is located. If you walk along the river, the Italian past of the district will resurface. Colorful facades and buildings, its pleasant alleys with a multitude of pizzerias, immediate departure for a flight to Corato. They are reputed to be the tastiest in France, so will you let yourself be tempted by one of these delicious pizzas? The specificities of Saint-Laurent don’t stop there: smallest district of Grenoble, it is also the only one to be located on the right bank of the Isère. To get there, you will have plenty of choices: bus, tramway, bicycle and even train. If your friends or family come to visit you, this neighborhood is a must go!

Hyper Centre - The heart of Grenoble

Located in the north of Grenoble, the hyper-center is one of the most frequented places. Access to the city center is very easy, with all public transportation leading to the heart of Grenoble. It has multiple mini-neighborhoods, such as Championnet or Notre-Dame, all very pleasant to live in. By day and by night, the district is articulated around multiple squares, including the famous Place Victor Hugo, around which you will find stores, drop-in centers and other places to go out. Lung of the city, you will be fascinated by the architecture of its Haussmannian buildings full of charm, which run along the boulevards. Redeveloped since 2017, the pedestrian streets are a great place for Grenoble residents looking for peace and quiet. If you like to enjoy life, you’re in the right place. The downtown area is full of all the attractions you can dream of. It is also the cultural heart of Grenoble. Theaters, concert halls, museums and art places are concentrated there. You will be able to find what you are looking for! If you choose to live there, you should know that there are very few apartments for rent. Indeed, the demand is great and the few spaces and rents available are very expensive, but the quality of life is incomparable. In order for you to fully enjoy it, we recommend that you move to one of the surrounding neighborhoods.

Notre-Dame - The history of Grenoble

Our last but not least favorite district is attributed to … the Notre-Dame one! Nestled in the place of the old historical center of Grenoble, Notre-Dame has kept its own charm. If you like places full of history, this is the right district for you. It is overflowing with old buildings and historical monuments such as the fountain of the three orders which commemorates a pre-revolutionary event of 1788, or Stendhal house. Listed as a historical monument, this house has since been converted into a museum dedicated to the writer who lived there for some time. The Notre-Dame district is home to many lively squares that are the pride of its inhabitants. The Place Saint-André is even home to one of the oldest cafés in Grenoble and in France: La Table ronde. You will be able to sit there and follow in the footsteps of many French philosophers and writers, such as Antoine Renard, composer of “Le Temps des Cerises”, Stendhal or Jean-Jacques Rousseau.

Grenoble is a city in the making. It has many upcoming projects, such as the rehabilitation of the Presqu’Île district, currently undergoing rehabilitation.

This is where Voltaire is located, a popular and artistic neighborhood that remains attractive in terms of real estate. It has a huge number of restaurants and bars and attracts a clientele and a population of young professionals.

Living in Grenoble to work

A land of technology, the capital of the Alps attracts many entrepreneurs and young workers in search of new experiences. Several digital, nanotechnology and scientific clusters have set up their headquarters here, including Hewlett-Packard, Schneider Electric, and France Telecom’s Research and Development team. Grenoble is home to some of the most important national and international research centers, such as the CNRS, INRA and IRAM.

Chemistry and pharmaceutical experts also have their place in Grenoble. As an ecological and nature-oriented city, it was essential for it to host a center dedicated to the energetic transition and renewable energies.

So what are you waiting for to move to Grenoble and continue your adventure?

Living in Grenoble to study

Before being an employment area, Grenoble is known for the quality of its higher education. In fact, it is ranked among the top cities for studying. Each year, Grenoble welcomes nearly 65,000 French and foreign students to follow one of the 600 programs offered by the University of Grenoble campus. Others come to Grenoble to study at the Grenoble School of Management (EM Grenoble) or at the School of Architecture, two of the most renowned French institutions.

Studying in Grenoble is a privilege for you because the city is ranked as one of the top 5 most innovative cities in the country. Accessible by all means of transport, you have no excuse not to join the team of students living in Grenoble!

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We are answering your questions on Grenoble

If you are looking for a human-sized district, calm and warm, we can not recommend you more to move to the Chorier-Berriat district.

Like all cities, we advise you to avoid the Mistral, Teisseire, and Villeneuve districts.

L’Ile Verte is probably the quietest neighborhood in Grenoble.  Europole is a modern neighborhood with the most luxury residential housing.

Grenoble is full of advantages, giving you a quality of life like no other. Young and urban, it is close to ski slopes and has many bicycle paths.

Located less than 7 km from Grenoble, the towns of Meylan, La Tronche, and Fontaine are the most pleasant cities to live around.