How to fill a flat renting file ?

Comment remplir un dossier pour la location d'un appartement ?

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If there is one thing you should not neglect when you want to find your future home, it is the rental application. It is essential to be able to apply for an apartment or a bedroom in coliving. It is a summary file that allows the owner or landlord to find out about your situation. Thus, (s)he will be able to decide between several potential files and to choose the person who will have the most suitable one to settle in the coveted accommodation. To put all the chances on your side, the file must include many supporting documents and must be complete. That way, you will have more chances to be able to move on to the next step which is often visiting the property.


But then, which document(s) should you put in your rental application? Are there any documents that should not be mentioned and is it my right to omit some of them voluntarily? What if you don’t have a guarantor? How do you make the best candidate? These are some of the questions we will answer in this article. Be prepared for no room or apartment to pass you by.

How to build the best file for your rental?

In order to build the most solid file possible, find out in advance from your landlord/owner what documents they need to receive. You will inevitably need to include some essential documents and information. Here is the list of the needed documents: 

  • A photocopy of your ID or passport – these are the only documents that will attest of your identity,
  • If you are employed, you will have to give your three latest pay slips – these are going to attest of your financial situation, and so, give more weight to your rental file,
  • Your latest tax (non) assessment

Other documents can be asked to intensify your rental file. They are not mandatory but can make a whole difference facing others files. Here are the ones we advise you to add in : 

  • If you previously were rented a flat/house,Si tu étais précédemment locataire, your three latest rent receipt or proof of address trois – these attest of your good faith and honesty to the owner / landlord,
  • Your employer’s certificate, if you are currently employee on trial period,
  • Your bank details,
  • If you are a student, a copy of your student card or certificate of attendance at school,
  • If you are a foreigner, a copy of your resident permit


All of these documents will reassure the landlord. If you have garants, they will also have to give the same proofing papers to the owner than the ones quoted previously. 

You can receive personalized housing assistance (APL). This financial aid is distributed by the French state, via the CAF (Caisse d’Allocations Familiales), and finances a part of your rent. It is distributed on a case by case basis and according to your level of resources. It is necessary to add it so that the landlord/owner in charge of your file can take it into account. Don’t worry, this will not allow him to increase the price of the rent. Go to the CAF website to make a simulation to have an idea of the amount you will receive. Find out the conditions necessary for you to receive the APL.

Documents that you do not need to give !

We previously mentioned the proofs of entitlement needed to create your leasing application. We are now going to mention the ones that you do not need to add, no matter what the owner / landlord asks you. Following the July 6th, 1989 law and the ALUR law, the next owner / landlord / real estate agent in charge of this property does not have to ask you for the following proof of entitlement. these are just given for information purposes only : 

  • A picture of yourself,
  • A copy of your social security card,
  • An extract or a copy of your medical file,
  • A copy of one of your bank account extract or any other banking file,
  • An extract of your criminal record

Get your deposit ready

As we mentioned earlier, you will probably need a guarantor to get into your new home. If you have already found one, being a family member or a close friend, then that is a big step forward. However, if you have not found a guarantor yet, or if no one close to you can vouch for you, various solutions exist.

Several companies can vouch for you. At Colivys, we have chosen to work with GarantMe. Our partner gives you access to rentals by acting as a guarantor for you, tenant, while protecting the income of the owners. This guarantee is possible in a majority of different types of rentals such as traditional rentals, shared apartments, coliving, etc.

Other systems exist, such as :

  • VISALE : This entirely free of charge solution has been created by Action Logement, very often chosen by landlords. It provides insurance for both the tenant, who can obtain a guarantor, and the owner, who will be compensated if the rent is unpaid. This scheme is open to people aged between 18 and 30, or the over-30-years-old in professional mobility
  • GLI : The Unpaid Rent Guarantee (Garantie Loyer Impayé) is an insurance covering the owners in case of unpaid rents. However, it imposes one condition on tenants: they must not be in a precarious situation (employees, pensioners, students with guarantor(s), self-employed persons) and must be solvent. Unlike Visale, this term refers to any natural or legal person who acts as a guarantor for a tenant who no longer fulfills his or her obligations to pay the rent. This solution is unfortunately not free of charge.
  • Joint and several bank guarantees : also called “bank guarantees”, this device allows the tenant to block a certain amount of money, equivalent to the amount of the rent. In case of unpaid rent, the bank will release these funds to the landlord.

Who can help me to build my leasing application ?

If despite that you are worried about creating your leasing application on your own, for an apartment or a room in coliving, know that solutions exist. DossierFacile, a resource created by the French government can help you create your own digital sized leasing application.

For that, you only need to follow 3 steps :

  1. Download your needed proofs of entitlement and nothing else
  2. DossierFacile services ensure to check the truthfulness of the proofs and validate your application
  3. Your file is completed ! You now only have to download it in the desire format (pdf or url link)

How to emphasize my file ?

Preparing your rental application may seem very codified and institutional, but it’s not. Know that you can make it stand out very easily by following our tips :
  • Pay attention to your presentation – It is the first impression of you that your interlocutor will have, so make sure that it is impeccable. Proofread and don’t hesitate to use online spell checkers to make sure there are no spelling mistakes, and be careful with your request email. Politeness is important, so make sure you are respectful and formal. Forget about familiarity
  • Rename the proofs of entitlement included in your folder – this is one of the most important things to do for the person that will read your file could get his/her bearings. This also shows that you are a serious and meticulous person
  • Write your flyleaf – it is a detail that can make all the difference. Indeed, it is the first element of your rental file that will be seen by your future landlord or the real estate agent. It’s what sets the tone for your file, so why not go back to your first files, internship reports, and create a flyleaf? Do not forget to include your first and last names, those of your guarantors (if you have any) and the address of the apartment you are applying for
  • Write a summary of your motivation – the summary will guide the reader and will allow him/her to know exactly what your application contains. So, he/she can easily refer to the page that interests him/her. If you opt for a summary, we advise you to include in a few sentences (one page maximum) a presentation of your motivation to reside in this accommodation, your gross monthly income if you wish (or that of your guarantors), and add a summary of the documents you have attached to the application.
Once your application is written and completed, send it by email to your landlord. Be careful, it is better to send your file via a url link. If you prefer to send it by email, use a watermark to protect your file from hacking. If you prefer, you can also give it in person to the real estate agent in charge of your file and the property. With all these tips, you have every chance of reaching your goal and getting your home. But if you prefer not to get a headache and waste time, have you ever thought about coliving? With Colivys, you won’t have to think about all that anymore. We’ll make your life easier by taking the headache out of putting together a rental application (and more). So what are you waiting for to book your room with us and discover coliving?