How does the lease operate in coliving ?

Article updated on May 31, 2023.

What is coliving?

Coliving is the latest trend to appear on the real estate market. A clever mix between a shared flat and a hotel, coliving has everything to please those in search of a new way of life. Born in the early 2000s in the United States, this habitat of tomorrow combines everything that makes shared living charming: sharing the same accommodation with strangers, forging new friendships, all for a moderate rent. It includes common areas, such as the kitchen and bathroom, and private and secure spaces that are the bedrooms. They are only accessible by their tenant, and this is where the similarity with a hotel room comes into play.

Like in a hotel, the occupants of our fully furnished and equipped coliving apartments enjoy a tailor-made support so that their expectations and needs are met. Coliving offers services, such as the delivery of towels or food supplies to start your stay off right. Coliving also provides support in administrative procedures, as well as in the tenant’s daily life by taking care of them from their arrival to their entry into their new home. The advantage of coliving is the independence of its residents. Indeed, unlike traditional shared living, tenants mostly subscribe to individual leases. They are therefore not linked to each other and can enjoy mobility without inconveniencing their flatmates. Learn more about coliving on our dedicated page.

How does coliving work in France?

In France, coliving works like any kind of traditional rental property. The future tenant reserves the room that has seduced them on our website. To do this, they must indicate the dates they wish to occupy the accommodation. Of course, they must pay their first month’s rent in advance and choose their service package. Unlike a classic rental, the apartment visit will be virtual. Thus, they will not need to travel and can comfortably visit their new home from their sofa.

Then comes the moment of installation. They will have previously contacted our customer service, in order to inform us of their desired arrival date and schedule the inventory. Our city managers will then take over to accompany the future tenant in their new accommodation, following a well-established process:

  • The city manager shows the tenant the private space (s)he will occupy and the common areas (kitchen, bathroom, living room). They will then take pictures to attest to the truth of their statements
  • The city manager checks, always in the company of the tenant, that the equipment necessary for their stay (dishes, lamp, electrical outlets, etc.) are present and/or functional
  • The city manager takes a picture of the tenant’s identification document (passport, ID card, residence permit, etc.)
  • Once all this is done, both parties sign the inventory of entry. This is the precise moment when the city manager hands over the keys to the new tenant. Let their stay begin!

Everything mentioned above applies to the entry inventory and the exit inventory. Our city manager will come to the tenant’s apartment, on the date chosen by the latter. They will check that their private space and the common areas are clean, in good condition and not damaged, supported by photos. They will ensure that all keys are returned. If a problem arises, it will be noted in the exit inventory, signed by the landlord and the tenant(s). Unlike traditional shared accommodation, coliving is a lifestyle that offers a lot of flexibility to its customers. If our tenants wish to leave their accommodation and inform us 5 days before the chosen date, this is entirely possible.

Which lease in coliving?

Coliving simplifies communal life and this is confirmed with the leases that tenants subscribe to.

Rental contracts established in coliving are primarily individual leases. That is, each tenant has their own lease. This type of lease is similar to traditional rental, between the landlord and the tenant. At Colivys, we have chosen this solution for its practicality. No tenant is dependent on the other tenants in their apartment. They maintain their autonomy and independence. Thanks to these individual leases, the tenant is free to leave the shared accommodation without the other tenants having to pay their share.

This form of lease is not the only one that exists in real estate. Two other forms of leases can be considered in shared accommodation:

  • The single lease

With this type of lease, all roommates are listed on a single rental contract. They must all, without exception, sign this lease. Otherwise, the one who was not on the single lease will not be legally included in the shared accommodation. Indeed, they could go from being a roommate to simply being an occupant and their rights in the shared accommodation could be annulled.

This single lease is the most common in shared accommodation. Easier for the owner/landlord, it usually includes a solidarity clause. This clause financially binds the tenants to each other. If one of them leaves the accommodation, this clause obliges them to remain liable for their debts within the 6 months after their departure, if they are not replaced. Beyond that, the remaining roommates will have to take over the remaining share. They thus pay the entire rent until the replacement tenant is found.

  • The main lease for one of the roommates

A third and final lease possibility exists. Depending on the landlord, the main tenant of the residence may sublet the apartment or house they occupy. The official status of the roommates changes: one is designated on the lease as the main tenant, the others are officially subtenants. This contract, being different from the previous ones, does not include a solidarity clause. The tenants are therefore free with one major exception. As soon as the roommate who has taken on the role of the main tenant leaves the shared accommodation, the other roommates must automatically leave their lodging.

Who is coliving made for?

If we had to sketch a typical coliver, we could describe them as: a 27-year-old young professional from Europe, who has come to start their professional career in a new city. Knowing no one, they wish to make new encounters outside of their professional environment. Just starting their career, they also do not have the means to establish themselves alone in an apartment.

In fact, coliving can suit absolutely all profiles, on the simple condition of liking community life. This is the indispensable criterion to be able to join one of our accommodations and feel at home. Whether you are a student, an apprentice, undergoing professional retraining, or even an entrepreneur, coliving is made for you. When coming in a big city for the first time, it’s very difficult to make new acquaintances. Coliving is therefore THE solution to prioritize if you are not familiar with living alone. An economical solution, as it allows you to enjoy large spaces for a reasonable rent, coliving combines all the previously mentioned points. Coliving is also very popular among foreign students and young professionals. They choose this solution because it offers them flexibility and practicality that can’t be found anywhere else.

Colivys, the coliving solution in France

Have you been seduced by the idea of coliving? We invite you to discover coliving by Colivys.

At Colivys, we have sought to get as close as possible to the expectations and needs of our customers. Like you, they are between 18 and 35 years old and are entering the working world. These young people are students, alternates, entrepreneurs, or have just signed their first employment contract.

Like you, they want to be a few minutes from their work or the university where they study. Like you, they like to go out, party, or simply discover the new city in which they are settling. That’s why at Colivys, we are currently focusing on housing located in attractive and lively areas. At Colivys, we offer you furnished rooms located in the most beautiful apartments in the major French cities.

From Paris to Strasbourg, via Bordeaux and Lyon, you will finally be able to live your adventure in the best possible way. Being present in the city center ensures you a quality of life close to the shops and attractions you need.

Going through Colivys is not just about that. It’s also about benefiting from a quality accommodation, renovated by our team of architects. Coliving is about convenience. Whether you come from France, Europe, or the rest of the world, you can come with your suitcases and nothing else. Our accommodations are rented fully equipped. Bed, kitchen equipment, washing machine, … You will find everything you need in your apartment. In coliving, everything is included! The monthly amount of your rent includes a provision for rental charges (for water, gas, and electricity), and fully includes the internet subscription and home insurance for the apartment you occupy. Cool, right?

Finally, at Colivys, we offer various support services to make your arrival as serene as possible. You have the choice between three booking formulas. These can include delivery of household linen or food for your first week in your coliving. Depending on the formula chosen, our teams will assist you with your administrative procedures (opening a French bank account, opening a telephone line, etc.). Are you coming from a foreign country and your flight lands late in France? Don’t panic, our shuttle service will take care of you from your arrival location to your new home.

So, what are you waiting for to switch to Colivys?